Laundry Room

“You know that feeling of laundry day and not wanting to get into that gross old laundry room. I know that feeling well and it’s a dread that can never go away. You even think about wearing old socks just so you don’t have to face that terribly gross and mildewy room to clean your clothes – and they don’t even feel clean once you do it because of the dang laundry room. Well if this sounds like you, it’s time to man up and tackle this laundry room re do because you only live once and no one should go through life with dirty and stinky socks. Here’s what you need to know in order to finally get going on that re vamping of the laundry room.


One of the reasons that gross laundry room got that way in the first place is because of the moisture emitted from the dryer whilst it’s doing its job. You can vent it all you want but the fact of the matter is that there’s going to be some moisture that gets into the room and then gets thusly trapped. You want to be proactive and start dehumidifying that room from the moment you wake up tomorrow morning. Get one of these puppies at Sears or Home Depot and start running it in there 24/7 while you prep for the other parts of the revamping of the laundry room. You may think that it costs a lot with the electricity and such but it’ll be worth it.

Dry Wall It

So now you’re getting ready and you know you’re going to need to install new drywall – that’s the part of the room that’s been trapping all the moisture so you know it’s got to go. So tear it all down. Remove it. Throw it away. Then you buy new dry wall and make sure you get a drywall panel lift because the last thing you want to have happen is have the drywall panel fall right as you’re about to install it. Then it’ll crash and break and you’ll be duly discouraged and you’ll probably be really upset and mad. So make sure you get the lift and anything else you need at before the big day of laundry room redoing.

Shop Vac

You also don’t want to try to do this without having a shop vac. This isn’t only for after the job is done but also for during -there will be a lot of dust kicking up from the dry wall and all that, so you want to make sure to vacuum with frequency. This also prevents tracking the dust around the house while you’re still working. A once every half hour sort of vacuuming routine will be easy, and will save a lot of stress and annoyance later so make sure you definitely do this. And get a shop vac, you household vacuum cleaner is no match for the kind of work you’ll be doing.”